About Us


We pride ourselves on always providing the highest level of professionalism, customer service and attention to detail to all our clients. You might be planning a small and intimate event or a huge glamorous wedding with hundreds of guests, whatever type of event you’ve got planned, we use our creativity to help you turn your visions into reality. 

Phenomenal events started in august 2016, when working alongside a charity which gave a terminal ill couple their last dying wish of getting married. We realised how difficult and time consuming it was to get everything we needed to be able to provide this lasting memory and thought that if everything came from under one roof it would be so much easier.

We also quickly realised that as soon as we mentioned the word wedding £ were added to the quote. We decided to keep costs low by purchasing items for the first wedding out of our own pocket. This soon took over our house!
The more weddings we did the more items we needed and so we needed to find somewhere to store them and it wasn’t cheap. As a charity we needed to keep costs as low as possible, so we came up with the idea of hiring out these items to enable us to pay for the storage and try and recoup some of our money back.

This is when phenomenal events was born. From day one our motto has been your vision our reality. We pride ourselves on making lasting memories at every event we go to. You can ask us for a quote without telling us what event it is, and it wouldn’t matter if it was a wedding or not as our prices would be the exact same. 

Since starting in 2016 we have worked for many high-end companies as our products are not only affordable but unique. Just some of the companies we have worked for range from; Tesco, Mercedes Benz, South Wales University, Barclays bank, Capital FM (Global FM) and Smyth’s Toy superstores. No matter what event it is our expert team are on hand to discuss your ideas and make ‘your vision – our reality’